The Gig is Up


The Platform Economy. Some call it the gig economy, the share economy, or digital matchmakers. Most people know it as Uber, Bird, Lyft, TaskRabbit, Crowdflower, Deliveroo, Meituan, or Didi.

These digital platforms are changing the way we live and work, and human labour is the central commodity.  The promise of a technological salvation, a capitalism of convenience, seems closer than ever. But does it? What are the costs of this brave new world, and how is it transforming our lives?

THE GIG IS UP is a tech doc with an edge, weaving together human dramas with a cinematic visual presentation, pushing viewers to think about the futuristic world we are already living in. The film uses a character-driven approach to delve deeply into the lives of invisible workers from different parts of the world, intercutting their stories to show the deep connections between them, and across various platforms. 


A film by Shannon Walsh

Produced by Ina Fichman & Luc Martin-Gousset

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Produced in partnership with:

Telefilm Canada Documentary Feature Fund & The Rogers Group of Funds

ARTE France & CBC Documentary Channel

Intuitive Pictures

Montreal, Canada

Point du Jour

Paris, France