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We hope THE GIG IS UP can be a catalyst for workers, academics, organizers and tech advocates to push conversations forward around what the labour needs are in platform-based gig work.

We will use this page on the site to connect audiences with local resources and groups working on these issues. Check out the links below & get involved.

  1. Support Gig Workers! Check out this link for some great tips how you can help, and learn more about workers’ demands, like those from Los Deliveristas Unidos, Gig Workers Rising & Gig Workers United
  2. Pre-order, rate and review the film to give more visibility to the film and worker’s rights
  3. Share the film with 5 friends, colleagues, family members
  4. Post on social media using #TheGigIsUp
  5. Get involved directly through educating yourself, and getting involved with supporting workers and tech equity locally.

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Gig Workers Rising

Los Deliveristas Unidos




More information on groups in Canada


Collectif des Livreurs Autonomes de Plateformes



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