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We hope THE GIG IS UP can be a catalyst for workers, academics, organizers and tech advocates to push conversations forward around what the labour needs are in platform-based gig work.

We will use this page on the site to connect audiences with local resources and groups working on these issues. Check out the links below & get involved.

  1. Support Gig Workers! Check out this link for some great tips how you can help, and learn more about workers’ demands, like those from Los Deliveristas Unidos, Gig Workers Rising & Gig Workers United
  2. Pre-order, rate and review the film to give more visibility to the film and worker’s rights
  3. Share the film with 5 friends, colleagues, family members
  4. Post on social media using #TheGigIsUp
  5. Get involved directly through educating yourself, and getting involved with supporting workers and tech equity locally.

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The Boston Independent Drivers Guild

BIDG rallies on May 8, 2019 as a part of the global Uber strike. Photo Credit: Stevan Kirschbaum

The Boston Independent Drivers Guild believes that Uber and Lyft drivers are stronger when we stand together. We are bringing drivers together to build an independent voice, and to fight for increased wages, benefits, and working conditions. Ultimately, we hope to win union recognition and a fair contract for Uber and Lyft drivers in Massachusetts.

Gig Workers Rising

The Gig Workers Rising campaign launched in 2018 to support app-based workers who are organizing for better wages, working conditions, and respect on the job. At Gig Workers Rising, we believe that everyone who works via an app deserves a real voice in their job and the freedom that comes with good pay and real benefits. We believe that without gig workers, these corporations are powerless — so when gig workers stand together, you have the power to drive real change.

Los Deliveristas Unidos


Los Deliveristas Unidos (LDU) is a collective of mostly immigrant app delivery workers who are fighting for justice. LDU is a new organizing effort spawned by the Workers Justice Project to give this vulnerable group of gig workers access to basic rights, such as the right to use the bathroom and a minimum wage. The bitter truth is that many food delivery workers can work 12 hours a day in the cold or rain for multiple food service apps and still not make enough to feed their own families.

Many food workers lost their jobs when the restaurants that employed them were forced to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their only option has been to work through a delivery app, such as GrubHub, DoorDash, Relay, and UberEats, among others. Today, New York City has as many as 65,000 app-based food delivery workers, who continue to keep the city fed. 

Massachusetts Jobs with Justice

Jobs with Justice

The Coalition to Protect Workers’ Rights

The Coalition to Protect Workers’ Rights is a grassroots alliance of workers, consumers, advocates, labor unions, civil rights organizations, and other public interest groups, who have come together to oppose a campaign by Uber, Lyft and other Big Tech companies to undermine deserved rights and benefits of workers, consumers and taxpayers under Massachusetts law.



Gig Workers United


Do you deliver food, packages, and other goods for an app-based service? Join Gig Workers United, Local 10-4. We are a community union supported by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW), which represents many couriers from every major company. United together as workers our voices are stronger!


Collectif des Livreurs Autonomes de Plateformes



WINGS: Ethical Food Delivery London

Wings offers a totally ethical alternative to existing delivery apps, without compromising on quality or convenience. https://www.wings.coop/

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