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Here are our demands:

Livable Wages: We demand a guaranteed fair and livable wage for our work.

Transparency and Accountability from Apps: Our employers must be transparent in how they determine the conditions of our work and how we are paid— and be accountable for these decisions. 

Health and Safety: As workers we deserve access to paid sick days, health benefits and safe work conditions. 

Labour Protections: We demand an end to the intentional misclassification of gig workers that prevents us from accessing any of the labour protections that we deserve.

Do you want to join other gig workers who are building a community union to fight for labour rights and protections? Together, we can fight for— and win— the workplace we deserve.

Gig Workers United – CUPW (Canadian Union of Postal Workers)

GWU is the union for gig workers in Toronto and the GTA who work on delivery apps. We are both full-time and part-time delivery app couriers; racialized and migrant workers, women and trans people, international students, and people with families. We are organizing together for transparent pay, livable wages, improved health and safety conditions, and the labour protections that we all deserve.

As Foodsters United, we won the precedent setting right to unionize as Dependent Contractors at the Ontario Labour Board with 89% of Foodora workers voting YES! for a union. After Foodora declared bankruptcy in Canada and left couriers unemployed in the middle of the pandemic, our organizing won a historic $3.46-million settlement that went to all Canadian couriers displaced by the company’s decision, not just union couriers. 

Now we have proof that gig workers can WIN the fight for improved working conditions. As Gig Workers United we are bigger, stronger and will achieve more for gig workers on all apps. We are making history by standing up to all apps with a union that is directed and determined by YOU. 

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Other organizations to support

Uber Drivers United – UFCW 

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