“The Gig is Up” begins the festival tour

THE GIG IS UP” is set to begin it’s festival tour!

The world premiere  will take place at CPH:DOX in competition in Copenhagen  April 21-May 2 2021.

The North America premiere at Hot Docs International Film Festival April 29-May 

The film will also open Vancouver’s DOXA International Film Festival, May 6-16.

If you are in Canada, you can get tickets to Hot Docs here, and for DOXA here. If you are able to attend CPH:DOX tickets are here.

You can keep updated on news on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — look out for our posts there and give them a like and a share. This helps immensely in getting the word out!

Issues around platform-based gig work have only intensified since COVID, as has worker organizing. We are excited to contribute to the urgent conversation that we need to be having globally on the conditions of task-based and technology-mediated work.

Thanks so much to our partners: ARTE, CBC Docs, Telefilm Canada, CMF, Dogwoof, Archer Gray, and Good Pitch Vancouver

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